Macro Gallery




Macro images are all about discovery for me. Our eye is usually drawn by colour first, but on close inspection patterns, shapes and textures you never noticed become apparent. The closer you look the more you discover and given the right light, the effects can be quite magical. This is all the more true for the intricate beauty of flowers, which never cease to fascinate me.
Although I have called this my macro gallery, many of these images are strictly speaking close-ups. When I studied Biology I used to love looking through the microscope which has now been replaced by my trusted macro lens, which has me on my knees, back, side - any position, but generally awkward. I hope you enjoy this gallery.

All the images are for sale as MOUNTED PRINTS and HANDMADE CARDS.
To order any of these images, note the name in the gallery, check out my prices and delivery page and contact me by email or phone.

Macro & Close-up Images